Consibio IoT Controller

IoT Controller – an industrial grade IoT gateway
Concept drawing of an IoT Controller sending data to Consibio Cloud, visualized through a dashboard on your computer/smart-phone.

Background & Definitions

Consibio IoT Controller is an industrial IoT Gateway, that offers a secure link between various industrial, analog, and digital signals and Consibio Cloud – An end-to-end platform allowing real-time streaming of sensor data, datalogging, visualization, alarms and automatic control.

The IoT Controller is the physical link between all these cloud-based features and the most used analog, industrial signal standards for sensors and actuators in the field and the plant floor.

How it works: The IoT Controller collects data from various sensors using 4-20mA loops, 0-10V voltage signals or other and streams these to the cloud in real-time. At the same time, the IoT Controller can send control signals to various actuators or 3rd party PLCs based on user-defined rules defined in the cloud.

Product Specifications

Power supplyInput voltage
17-35 VDC
Typical: 24 VDC

Power consumption
< 5W under normal conditions (0.2A@24VDC)
Expected lifetime>5 years
Guarantee2 years
Housing materialPolycarbonate (UV and weather resistant).
All components used are at least IP67-rated
Operating conditions-20°C to +50°C
0-100% RH
DimensionsLength:  122 mm
Width:    82 mm
Height:   55 mm
2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n)

LTE Cat-M1
(SIM included)
I/O terminals16 spring clamp terminals.
Wire gauge:
28-14 AWG = 0.08-2.08 mm²

Wiring and interfacing – Input and output options

Inside each IoT Controller, two blocks of each 8 spring clamp terminals provides a total of 16 terminals for various I/O possibilities.

Concept drawing of an opened IoT Controller, top-view.


IO symbolDescription
Vin0-10 V voltage input
(ref. to iGND)

Resolution: 2.5 mV
4-20mA in4-20 mA current loop input. Loop return on iGND.

Resolution: 6.0 µA
DI1 and DI20-5V or 0-3V3
Discrete digital inputs

Low: 1V
High: 2,3V (if 3.3V mode) or 3.9 (if 5V mode)


IO symbolDescription
Vout0-3V3 voltage output (ref. to iGND)

Resolution: 0.8 mV
4-20mA out4-20 mA analog current output (total range of 0.2 to 25 mA available).

Output is active with internal 24V loop supply (ref. to GND)
DO10-5V or 0-3V3  (ref. to iGND)

Discrete digital output
LO+ and LO-Positive (LO+) and negative (LO-) terminals for high current load switching. Max: 50V 5A

LO- can also be used as an open collector output (ref. to iGND)


IO symbolDescription
5VBackplane 5V DC output referenced to GND.

Can be used for medium power small actuators (max. 1A).
24VBackplane 24V referenced to GND.

Can be used to power the device from external power supply or power 24V sensors.
GNDBackplane ground.
iGNDGround terminal for low power external sensors and actuator signals galvanically isolated from backplane.
i3V3 / i5V3.3V or 5V power output for sensors (max. 100mA) with respect to iGND.

See the Wiring examples below for how to use the various inputs and outputs in specific setups

Wiring examples

This section will include a series of examples, representing physical setups of an IoT Controller and other equipment.

NOTICE: All images are guidelines on how to properly wire the IoT Controller with other equipment and it must be stated that the specific wiring is important.

Wiring of an IoT Controller is done at your own risk and the warranty doesn’t cover any mistakes related to damage done by wrong wiring.

Powering the device

The device unit can be powered in two ways:

  • From a stand-alone 24VDC power supply (input: 100-240 VAC) that can be connected to the M12 plugs on the top of the device. These can be bought from Consibio on request.
  • An external 17-35 VDC power supply wired directly to the internal spring clamp connector.

See the product specifications for information on power usage.

Daisy-chaining devices

Furthermore, up to 5 IoT Controllers can be daisy-chained via the top M12-plugs and thus be powered from a single power supply:

4-20 mA output (2-wire)

4-20 mA input – with external or internal loop supply

4-20 mA input – 4-wire setup

Open-collector output (LO-)

Discrete digital output (0-3.3V or 0-5V)