Image of the Reports tab in Consibio Cloud

Background & Definitions

In Consibio Cloud a Report is a document that gives an overview of the information and data available in a specific Project.

It shows information in standardized format and helps project stakeholders with getting the right information without having to dive deep into the dashboard inside Consibio Cloud.

Depending on your specific situation, the purposes of a report could be manifold. As an example, the report could help you with:

  • Decision making
    • Quickly locate the relevant information and take a decision based on evidence / data
  • Problem Solving
    • Provide insight into batch-to-batch variation in a production setting (i.e. identify outliers or errors)
  • Documentation
    • Document your gas pollution, e.g. CO2, NH3 or H2S emissions, towards environmental authorities (e.g. Miljøstyrelsen) by sending them a monthly report with the information.
  • Providing Insight
    • Visualizing specific KPI’s and learn what happened in the last week, month, year, etc.

How do I get a Consibio Cloud report?

Once you have purchased “Custom PDF Report” as a digital service through your subscription, a new tab saying “Reports” will show inside a Consibio Cloud project. The steps are then:

  1. Click the “Add new report” button
  2. Change the report name from “New report” to something of your liking (e.g. “Weekly Report”)
  3. Select the desired Reporting Interval – this can be either Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  4. Change the “Get PDF Report By Email” setting to True

The steps are shown in the video below:

Consibio Cloud User Interface – Report workflow

Report Settings

Reporting Interval

This setting can be changed to three different states – Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. The setting determines how often you will receive a PDF report through email.

It is important to notice that just because report setting has been chosen, a user still has to subscribe to that report to get notified. This is done in the email setting.

Email (private setting)

In a Consibio Cloud project, it is possible to have a report that is visible to all members within the project (i.e. public) but whether you want to receive an email with the PDF report is up to you.

So there are two options to this email setting:

  1. The report is sent to your registered user email, if the setting is “True”.
  2. The report is not sent to your registered user email, if the setting is “False”.