Setup guide – Indoor climate sensor solution

Indoor Climate Sensor Solution – Ideal for indoor agricultural industries
Monitor and track levels of CO2, Relative Humidity (RH%) and Temperature and document your indoor climate

What’s in the box?

The indoor climate sensor solution consists of the following devices and sensors from Consibio:

  • 1 x Consibio IoT Connector w. sensors :
    • 1 x Relative Humidity and Temperature probe
    • 1 x CO2 probe
  • 1 x Consibio Power Supply (PSU)

In order to get your solution up and running, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Unboxing the cardboard package
  2. Place the IoT Connector in the desired location
  3. Plug it in

Step-by-step – Unboxing & Installation

📦 Unboxing (Step 1)

  1. Open the package according to the instruction video (Emba-Flex Video). In short:
    • Lift the package contents out of the transport, cardboard box
    • Unfold all sides from underneath the package contents. The plastic foil is now unstretched.
    • Take the items (IoT Connector & Power Supply) out of the the plastic foil.
  2. Place the contents of the box on a nearby table

🛠 Placement of device (Step 2)

  1. Place the IoT Connector in the desired spot at your facility
    • i.e. where you want to measure CO2, Temp. and Rel. Humidity

⚡️ Plug it in (Step 3)

Plug the power supply to the IoT Connector
  1. Power the IoT Connector by connecting power supply via. the M12 plugs on the IoT Connector and then plug in the 230 VAC end to a power outlet.

Now, your IoT Connector w. sensors should receive power, start booting up and connect to the Consibio Cloud via. cellular connection.

Within 1-2 minutes (depending on the cellular connection signal), the sensor values from the indoor climate sensor solution should now flow into your Consibio Cloud Project on


You can always contact if you need additional help with setting up your equipment.